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Packages & Subscriptions


Ultimate Sole Purpose Package


For Retailers:

The Ultimate Sole Purpose Package for retailers includes 40 Drifts, 35 Cruisers, 30 Brunas, 35 phone cases, 25 card holders, 25 wallets, 25 belts. Additionally, it includes retailers' choice of 50 pairs of specialty shoes. The Ultimate Sole Purpose Package enables a retailer to start carrying Sole Purpose products with a comprehensive array of items.


For Donation:

The Ultimate Sole Purpose Package for donation enables the customer to donate to those in need of shoes while making a positive impact on the environment. This package includes 300 pairs of Brunas to be donated to an underprivileged school of your choice in Los Angeles.

Virtual Enterprise Team Package


Outfit your entire Virtual Enterprise team with a pair of Sole Purpose shoes along with phone cases, wallets, card holders, and belts. An excellent value that will definitely win you some friends along with your Virtual Enterprise team.

Five Year Supply


A five years worth of shoes with the option to choose 3 pairs a year for 5 years. A grand total savings of $650 off of retail price.

Sampler Package


The Sampler Package includes a pair of every Sole Purpose shoe, and a customer's choice of two pairs of specialty shoes. 

A total value of up to $840 for a savings of $340.



What's Included

 - A wide variety of shoes to chose from 

 - In total, you will receive 1 pair of shoes with the down payment, and 1 every 3, 5, or 8 months, with different monthly payments depending on the frequency which you want your shoes. 


 -$60 Down Payment

 -$20 for new shoes every 3 months, $13.50 for shoes every 5 months, and $9.00 for shoes every 8 months

Step One - Down Payment

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Down Payment

$60 One Time

Step Two - Choose Your Product Cycle

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Every 3 Months


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Every 5 Months


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Every 8 Months